St. Christopher Parish complies with the Decree on Child Protection which is promulgated by the Archdiocese of Cincinnati. Our fingerprinting policy includes manual fingerprinting for employees and electronic background checks for all employees and volunteers.

St. Christopher Parish enforces the Archdiocesan policy for protecting children. All employees of St. Christopher adhere to the Child Protection Decree, get fingerprinted, and have a background check.

Volunteers in our parish programs must also adhere to the Child Protection Decree and have a background check prior to volunteering. All employees and volunteers must be current in our SafeParish quarterly child protection interactive training videos.

For more information about SafeParish, please read below.


SafeParish is the program by which volunteers, clergy, and employees are trained in the Child  Protection Decree to promote a safe environment for our youth. All regular volunteers, clergy, and employees of the Archdiocese of Cincinnati are required to take the online initial SafeParish training session and  complete a background check.

Parish Safe Environment  (SafeParish) Coordinator for St. Christopher Parish

Please direct any Safe Environment / SafeParish questions to:
Elise Sas 937.898.3542 x105  |

In order to work with children in the Archdiocese of Cincinnati  you must complete these steps:

      1. Create an account with SafeParish at

      2. Submit an online background check with through your SafeParish account.

      3. If you have not previously participated in the Arch. of Cincinnati Child Protection program or your previous approval lapsed, you will need to take the online initial training course which will show up on your profile page once registered.

      4. All must complete a 7-10 minute interactive ongoing education training video 4 times a year.


SafeParish Registration

  1. Go to
  2. Click “registration”
  3. Fill in the passcode: protectcincy
  4. Parish Location: St. Christopher—Vandalia
  5. Role: Volunteer
  6. Fill in your personal information
  7. Create Username, Password and password clue.
  8. Read, agree and submit the User and Privacy Agreement Terms
  9. Complete Background check (see top right box of this page for information about Fastrax).
  10. Read the Child Protection Policy and submit that you have read and agree to the Archdiocese of Cincinnati Child Protection Decree and it’s requirements.
  11. Complete the training module assigned to you. Initial training is called “SafeParish: Protecting Children from Sexual Abuse—Arch. of Cincinnati Edition.”
  12. You will receive an 7-10 minute interactive video 4 times a year once you’ve completed the initial training as ongoing education. These must also be completed to stay in compliance.   


SafeParish &

The Archdiocese of Cincinnati requires that background checks are done with “”. 


This can be done on your SafeParish account.  It will cost $25.00.  If you are a volunteer at St. Christopher, we will pay for your background check by providing you with a “fastrax token”.  This is an alphanumeric code you input. 


You must get your fastrax token by calling or emailing Elise Sas at 937-898-3542 ext. 105 or



SafeParish Quarterly Training

Four times a year, SafeParish will email an interactive training video that will take approximately 7-10 minutes to complete.  


Volunteers have one month to complete the video.   If the video training is not completed, the volunteer is out of compliance and cannot volunteer with children until logging on and completing any missed trainings. 


Emails labeled “What’s new the Archdiocese of Cincinnati” from are not the ongoing training.  They are optional articles you can read.