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WHO: Open to youth grades 5-12
TRAINING DATES: After each Mass the weekend of Oct 23 & 24 (…serve as early as Nov 6 & 7) and Nov 6 & 7 (…serve as early as Nov 13 & 14)


Existing servers wishing to remain in the ministry are still required to register and receive training on the new practices.

OR CONTACT TO REGISTER: Bonnie Prine Allen   |  937-890-3542


We hope this letter finds you well! As the new schoolyear begins, we are planning on bringing Altar Servers back to the Mass. Since it has been over a year since anyone has served at Mass, and because there are a few minor changes we are asking everyone to be trained/retrained.

We will train up to 9 servers at each training session, so up to and including 27 servers. This should give everyone the opportunity to be trained. Please contact Bonnie in the parish office to signup up for a time slot.

  • The ministry Altar Server is ancient in the church and is derived from the Acolyte sub order of the late first millennium. Basically, there were not enough acolytes to go around so the church instituted Altar Servers.
  • Altar Servers minister to either the Priest or Deacon during our Liturgies (Mass, Confirmation, etc.) or devotional worship services (Exposition of the Blessed Sacrament, Stations, etc.)
  • When a deacon is not present at the above, the server is the first minister of the altar. The server is responsible to assist and help the priest in performing his duties.
  • The Altar Server Ministry for St. Christopher allows you to give a wonderful service to your parish.
  • On August 12, 2001, Pope John Paul II spoke to more than two thousand young men and women altar servers gathered in Rome. He believed as an Altar Server, you will be more than helpers … “you are servers of Jesus Christ…you, altar servers, are called in particular to be young friends of Jesus…”

God does not call strangers. He calls friends.

If He is calling you to serve, please answer by registering online or contacting the coordinator!

God’s Blessing and Grace,

Fr. John  &  Fr. Smith

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