Men & Women’s Charismatic Prayer Group

Encounter  |  Receive  |  Transform

Do you want to encounter Christ more intimately?

Are you open to receive the gifts of the Holy Spirit?

Are you ready to be transformed?



Come and open your heart to a spirit-filled life in the company and support of your Catholic brother & sisters in Christ.


The St. Christopher Men & Women’s Charismatic Prayer Group supports and encourages spiritual growth and development among many Catholics throughout the Dayton area. The Charismatic Prayer Group has been a thriving small group community since 2016. Each year they support the Healing Mass and Charismatic Mass. Every other year they host the Life in the Spirit Seminar.



  • Meet typically every other MONDAY (7:00PM – 8:30PM) in the Church Choir Room.
    • FYI: Outside doors will lock after 7:30PM
  • Meetings involve: 
    • Charismatic Praise & Worship (song & prayer)
      • We invite the Holy Spirit to be actively present to us
      • We respond to this movement with an open heart to receive the charismatic gifts of the Holy Spirit.
    • Scripture Readings & Teachings
    • Faith Sharing
    • Petitions
    • Optional: Stay after for the opportunity for individual intercessory prayer. 



As a charismatic prayer group, we believe that faith sharing through personal witness, grounded in Scripture and pursuing a personal relationship with Jesus is a means towards our spiritual health and growth.  We welcome and invite the Holy Spirit into our hearts, breaking down any barriers we may have so we may experience the freedom to worship in spirit and truth.  In the full presence of the Holy Spirit and for the building up of His church, we are open to receiving the gifts of the Holy Spirit including tongues, prophecy, wisdom, knowledge, fortitude, healing and more! We as a prayer group are seeking where God can use us individually and as a group.


Still have questions?    Curious to know more?    Care to attend?

Please contact Anne Heywood  (937) 890 – 7555