High School Overnight Retreat

Have you ever felt overwhelmed by THE SAME STRUGGLE, over and over again?!  Have you found yourself doing something, thinking something, saying something that you KNOW just isn’t you, but you can’t seem to stop so easily? You ever had a rough week, month, year and felt desperate for the chance to just start over?

Maybe it’s time for a RESTART!

Now @ St. Christopher Campus

Before you bum out about the location change, remember sometimes you can’t always “get away” to start over…sometimes you need to restart right where you’re at. Let’s take this opportunity together to let go of our plans and LET GOD hit the restart! 🙂

– Open to ALL High School Youth – 

March 2-3, 2019

Drop off at St. Christopher Youth Center SAT @ 4:30pm

Retreat over on SUN @ 12:30pm

COST: $25 & bring ONE shareable FAV snack item

(Pack sleeping gear: air mattress if you wish, sleeping bag, pillow, jam-jams, night routine kit & a change of clothes for the AM…or stay in your jammies if you want)

REGISTER HERE by the DAY OF the RETREAT (last minute cool!)

Not ready to register – need a few good reasons to come? Read on bro/sis …

So why should I go?

* It’s a retreat planned by your fellow high school peers – so you can be assured it’s stuff you’ll enjoy!

* We’ve got a little somethin’ planned for everyone…minute-to-win it challenges for the competitive type, hype playlist for the energetic, skits & artsy stuff for the creative type and of course, a variety of faith-filled activities that are sure to meet a deep-down spiritual need.

* Did I mention the fact we get to a flex-style retreat?! What’s that, you ask? Forget a stagnant, cooped-up retreat…we plan to be ON THE MOVE! We are utilizing the youth center, the church, the gym and OH-YES….wait for it…a MIDNIGHT food-run to Waffle House or Jim’s! AND yes…hittin’ up the St. Chris Donut Sunday for bfast (plus an all-out cereal and breakfast bar) – Mmmmm!

* Plenty of snacks, music, hangout time with your friends & opportunity to make new friends!

* Imagine 24hrs(less-ish) full of good stuff, positive vibes, encouragement, support, affirmations! Be filled with Christ’s love and encouragement for YOU specifically – yeah, YOU!

* BONUS: because we don’t need to travel for this retreat, we can start later & end early without losing out on any of the content planned for the retreat! So all you busy-bodies out there, this retreat is TOTALLY DO-ABLE with a busy weekend schedule!

So are you READY TO SIGN UP NOW? 🙂 *YAY*

So just in case you missed it…

Show up at 4:30pm on Saturday with all your stuff (sleeping gear: air mattress if you wish, sleeping bag, pillow, jam-jams, night routine kit & a change of clothes for the AM…or stay in your jammies if you want) $25 & your FAVORITE SHAREABLE SNACK ITEM. Be ready and open for an AWESOME night of spiritual fun, growth and/or healing! Unfortunately, can’t stay on the mountain top forever…so the next part is taking that first step in the NEWNESS of Christ within you! Back to life…back to reality…begins at 12:30pm Sunday, but with the reinforcement of the good work Christ has begun within you and will see through to completion (Philippians 1:6)- believe that! 🙂

YEP – it’s time to RESTART!