Vacation Bible School

Attention Parents, Grandparents, Neighbors and Friends!
We couldn’t have Vacation Bible School this summer as usual but we found an AWESOME program that will allow you do to Vacation Bible School in your own backyard!

Family Portal Password:   LETSBOLT

What Is It & How Is It Done?, a Christian children’s ministry site, has put together this at home Vacation Bible School. It is intended to be a three day event and each day can last about 2 hours. Of course at home, you can build it throughout your day however you want.

  • Clicking on the link on the St. Chris website (or in this email) , parents and caregivers use the password LETSBOLT (in all caps) to enter the Family Portal.

  • At the Family Portal, caregivers can see the leader guide with the “how to” and simple supply list. You may already have all the supplies or you can gather it at the dollar store.

  • The Family Portal then gives you the link to each day.

  • One day at Bolt has you watching very well done and entertaining videos.

  • But the kids don’t watch videos for 2 hours. Throughout the video you will be instructed to stop the video, head to the back yard and play a game (instructions included).

  • At other times the video will provide a reflection on the day’s scripture and then instruct you to stop the video and use the questions provided to have your own discussion.

  • Each day also includes an origami craft that relates to the daily scripture.


As August approaches there are many of us looking for new ways to engage, excite and inspire our kids. Let BOLT Vacation Bible School help. It’s as easy as clicking the button above!