The Parish has invested about $150,000 in the Summer of 2017 for multiple facility projects.  The largest of these was the completion of the roof on the older sections of the school building.  A 30-year roof was installed.  The insulation was upgraded to R20 which is the State standard for this class of building.  New fascia, gutters and down spouts were also installed, replacing the existing system which was deemed to be of marginal size to carry the water off of the roof.  In addition to the roofing work, the east parking lot and front drive system were patched, resealed and restriped.  The sealing should protect the lot/drive from the vagaries of Ohio weather for the foreseeable future.   New Light Emitting Diodes (LED) fixtures have recently become available for outdoor lighting.  A study accomplished by Waibel Energy Systems indicates St. Christopher can save over $5,000/year in electricity costs by converting the outdoor lighting to the new LED fixtures.  Installation is underway and when completed, will come with a 5-year warrantee on both parts and labor.  In addition, the LED fixtures are projected to have operating life expectancies of nearly 100,000 hours.  Finally, the majority of the initial phase of a multi-year landscaping project has been completed.  Work included tearing out old and tired bushes and replanting with updated nursery stock for a fresh new look.  This landscaping project also addressed a standing water issue between the Office and the School by installing new drainage and replacing water damaged sidewalks.  The Parish owes a special thanks to Knight of Columbus members who took on the task of tearing out the old bushes.  These facility projects provide enduring solutions to areas needing attention.  Depending on available funding, Parishioners should look for additional facilities work next Summer including additional parking lot sealing/striping, additional landscaping improvements and improvements to the School HVAC systems.  Without the generosity of the St. Christopher parishioners, facility projects, such as described here, would not be possible.  Thank you very much for your generosity!!

 Sidewalk LED Install