Letter to Parishes from Archbishop Dennis Schnurr

My Dear Friends in Christ,

The Catholic Church globally, including this Archdiocese locally, has consistently and outspokenly urged all nations to protect the lives and dignities of migrants and to establish orderly immigration systems. For too long now, the crisis of migrants having to flee dire poverty and appalling violence around the world has sadly not improved. Nor, it seems, has many nations’ ability to respond in a compassionate and orderly fashion. There are so many social concerns that trouble the conscience of the Church right now, such as abortion, gun violence and the state of the environment to name a few. But I write again on this concern of immigration for two main reasons:

First, we are relentlessly experiencing the dehumanizing impact of our own nation’s broken immigration system in many of our parishes, schools, social services, and communities. Each day we see our own families being separated, traumatized children from the border coming to us for help, local refugee communities unable to bring their loved ones out of refugee camps elsewhere, and the lives of our neighbors devastated by human trafficking. For us, the issue is personal. (...read more...)

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